Oncotarget’s Struggle for A Cancer-Free World Bearing Fruits

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal founded in 2010. Oncotarget is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals and covers oncology research. Most importantly, Oncotarget focuses on research involving treatments and protocols deployed to enhance the well-being of cancer patients, potential therapy targets, as well as the clinical basis of all strains of cancer.

Oncotarget adheres to the principles of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and is a member of the body. The impact publication project seeks to define the healthcare professionals and patient acceptance of new as well as existing drugs, treatment methods, and available forms of therapy. Oncotarget tries to improve the lives of cancer patients and to improve the outcomes of these procedures by discovering new information.

Oncotarget places emphasis on patient perspectives vis-à-vis satisfaction, adherence, and their quality of life. They employ certain treatment protocols, existing therapeutic agents, as well as the impact of management programs on the lives of patients. The journal’s recent success on the oncology front has led to the exploration of other medical fields.

According to Research Gate, Oncotarget is dedicated to the attainment of a world without disease under the leadership of a group of elite researchers and scientists from the world over.

The journal advocates for the use of basic clinical science to eradicate disease and break boundaries within medical specialties towards quicker discoveries and make scientific research widely and rapidly available.

On E-cigarettes and Alleged Damage to Gum Tissue

A recent survey on the effects of e-cigarettes financed by National Institutes of Health was published on Oncotarget. The research, which was conducted under the leadership of UR’s Department of Environmental Medicine professor Irfan Rahman (Ph.D.), was the first ever on the subject on molecular and cellular levels.

E-cigarettes are known to be the safer option, popular among people struggling to quit smoking and the younger generation. However, this particular study shows that e-cigarettes can cause multiple oral infections and cell damage.

The problem with e-cigarettes according to the study is the flavoring which damages the gums. The lead scientists urged manufacturers to disclose all the compounds used to manufacture the flavors so that more research can be carried out on the effects of e-cigarettes.

Apart from this specific study, a growing body of scientific data suggests that the chemicals found in e-cigarettes have the potential effects of adverse health conditions associated with convention smokes. Professor Rahman also published another study with similar findings on pollution and health effects of e-cigarettes in late 2015.

The History of the OSI Group

Recent statistics by the Forbes indicate the OSI group has a total revenue of $ 6. 1 Billion. The company mainly specializes in Drinks, Tobacco, and Food. They used to initially operate in the United States of America, but they have gone overseas. The firm operates in several continents including Europe and Asia. The company was initially founded in the year 1909 by a German immigrant. The current CEO is Sheldon Lavin while the CFO is Sherry DeMeulenaere. At the end of this fiscal year, the Forbes estimated that OSI Group had an employee base of about 20,000 employees across the whole globe.

The company has maintained its corporate headquarters at Aurora in Illinois. Just sometimes back, this manufacturing giant managed to acquire the Baho Food Industries that used to operate in the Netherlands. This company used to deal with convenience food as well as serving snacks and deli meats. The president acknowledged that the acquisition of this company was a strategy to conquer Europe and also expand its global strategy.

This acquisition will see the OSI group acquire all the five subsidiaries of Baho food that were located in Germany and the Netherlands. The five subsidiaries include Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt as well as Q Smart Life as well as Gelderland Frischwaren and Bakx Foods. The OSI Group announced that the Baho Food would keep its management and executives while some of the strategies being used are likely to change.

OSI deals with a variety of products that include dough products, pork, fish, poultry, hot dogs, bacon, patties as well as pizza and vegetables. The firm has been awarded several times for obeying the environmental conservation rules. To understand the dominance of this firm, the firm continues to supply Western food chains working in the Far East with several products. Some of the beneficiaries of their products in these countries include Papa John Pizza, Pizza Hunt and the Starbucks and Subway.

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As of today; the Forbes has shown that OSI Group has over 65 facilities that are found in 17 different countries. Other than the headquarters, the OSI Group has notable offices in one of the following areas. There are offices in Riverside California, Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin as well as West Jordan in Utah. They also have plants in other areas such as West Chicago and Geneva in Illinois and other offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

OSI Group was ranked number 58 of the largest privately owned companies in the world by the Forbes magazine in the year 2016.

OSI Group is hiring! Click here to view the open positions.


Handy Launches a New Mobile App

As the market for online and mobile cleaning makes an upturn, Handy has hit over $ 1 million in bookings per week. According to Umang Dua, the head of operations at Handy, the company has moved from a run rate of $3 million to $52 million. The new on-demand economy pack offers a better model for service professionals and consumers. With the launch of a new mobile app, Handy’s cleaners are like an ATM in the pocket.

Most Handy’s cleaning professionals are paid between $15 and $22 per hour. Importantly, Handy allows you to pick your working hours. The increase of Handy’s revenue comes as the company re-defines its business through new mobile apps and new branding. In turn, consumers are increasingly becoming comfortable with Handy.com booking services through the new mobile app. Through mandated background checks, cleaning professionals at Handy are thoroughly vetted.

According to Hanrahan, Handy’s new platform serves as a household remote. With the new app, Handy can roll out all of its services in an instant booking process. Handy sees itself as providing services beyond home cleaning. However, the bulk of Handy’s ballooning revenue comes from cleaning services. In fact, 85% of Handy’s revenue comes from cleaning while the remainder is split between plumbing and handyman services.

About Handy

Handy is the leading cleaning platform with highly-qualified and pre-screened independent cleaning professionals. From household cleaning to plumbing, Handy’s trusted professionals’ commits to meeting customers’ needs across the world. With a 60-second booking process, Handy has the easiest and most convenient booking process.

Currently, Handy functions in 25 cities in the United States and Canada. Additionally, the firm has 5,000 active professionals and over 200, 000 applicants for the positions of cleaners and handymen. Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan, the current Chief Executive Officer and Umang Dua, the Chief Operation Officer.