Richard Mishaan: A World Leader In Interior Design

Richard Mishaan, born in Columbia, is an author and Interior Designer over the last 20 years. He attended both the Columbia University School of Architecture and received his Bachelor of Arts from the New York University.


He creatively designed his home, an apartment, located on Fifth Avenue, which could also serve as a museum. His wife of 18 years is an artist, Marcia Rolfe Mishaan and they have raised a son and daughter, Nick, 23, and Ali, 21.


To understand Richard Mishaan’s point of view, you need to be an expert in the arts with the eye of a curator. Examples of the apartment’s artwork and sculptures include a stainless-steel piece by the Chinese artist, Zhan Wang, perched on top of a table by Guy de Rougemont, in the entrance hall, which stands near a neoclassical carved-wood console.


He has placed a 17th-century console in the same room as a contemporary sculpture. On the walls hangs a scene by 19th-century Italian artist Federico Andreotti, a painter, complimented by glass droplets, created by Rob Wynne. A painting by Donald Baechler hangs over the living room sofa with Andy Warhol’s Brillo box sculpture in the library.


Richard Mishaan authored two books, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern.” Further, his skills are put on display in Artfully Modern, his second monograph, published by Monacelli Press. What sets Richard Mishaan apart from other designers can best be described by one word, eclectic. His use color compliments the artwork, sculpture, upholstery, window treatments, and furniture.


Richard Mishaan’s style is so unique that it is referred to as The Mishaan touch. The crux of his success is his ability to combine fashion with architecture complimented by interior design. He was born in Cartagena, Colombia, and was in part raised in Italy. Mishaan states that he was surrounded by color from his youth. His genius and creativity are inspired by his Columbian cultural roots.


Richard Mishaan Design is a world leader in Interior Design, an independent thinker and determined to carve out his road, undiminished and undeterred by the conventional thinking of his contemporary interior designers.


The Kind-Hearted Psychotherapist, Patty Rocklage

Compassion is a rare virtue, and it is not in the hearts of every human being. Some people are very compassionate and have built their careers around it. They derive their joy and happiness in life by showing kindness and helping others. It’s a rare thing for a person to make such a generous gesture with his or her life. Patty Rocklage though has dedicated her life and career towards this course, and she is passionate about it.Patty is a licensed family and marriage psychotherapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Her experience in this area runs deep with over twenty years of practical experience. She works tirelessly and is dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families move past their struggles in life. She possesses excellent communication skills that are a plus in handling her clients. She makes them feel comfortable and courageous to deal with their life’s challenges.

Patty Rocklage attended her higher education at the University of Southern California, pursued a degree in Psychology and graduated in 1981. Over time, in her line of work, she has acquired unique skills in coaching, community outreach, public speaking, teaching, and team building. These skills have proven immensely valuable to her career as they have enabled her to assist many couples and families in conquering issues pestering their life.Patty Rocklage is the wife of Dr. Scott Rocklage, a successful chemist. In joint forces, they made a substantial financial donation for the renovation of labs at MIT, Department of Chemistry where her husband studied, as a token of appreciation. Also, they have supported the Whitehead Institute and the Pittsburgh United Methodist Church.

Patty Rocklage desires a classy lifestyle, and she has a taste of both the modern and also the conservative lifestyle. Besides, she is environmentally conscious. For this reason, she, in approval of her husband, commissioned the renovation of their home to have her kitchen and landscape redone to take care of the environment and her personal desires.Patty Rocklage is a dedicated wife and devoted mother of three. She previously served as Director on the Woman’s Board for South Sudanese Enrichment for families, a non-profit organization that works to create better education, financial stability, and higher employment levels in the Boston region, which is usually resided by the Southern Sudanese community.

Everybody In The IT Office Is Buzzing About NuoDB

You make ask yourself, what is the point in switching to NuoDB when there are already so many options out there? Well, NuoDB is the only database software optimized to work with distributed computing. Typically, SQL databases will perform poorly on clusters. NuoDB is pretty much the only viable option for large enterprises to utilized their server farms.

Cluster computing technology is not a new thing but it is typically used for simplified software projects. NuoDB is ahead of the curve with one of the most complex pieces of software in distributed computing. The more physical servers that are added to the network, the more efficient SQL requests will become.

NuoDB wasn’t always referred to as NuoDB. In 2008, the founders named the project Nimbus DB. Deciding that the name was not so sleek, they had renamed the project to its current name. Since the name change, NuoDB cloud technology has become immensely popular with venture capital companies.

Right now, several companies had already switched their servers over to the superiority of cloud computing. Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange are a couple big names that come to mind. Since it is based on SQL technology, it is easy to port over old databases to NuoDB.