Goettl, the air conditioning pioneers

Goettl is an air conditioning company in Las Vegas that has been in existence since 1939. Since then, Goettl has evolved into the most trusted company and the pioneer in the air conditioning industry. It was founded by Gust and Adam.

The company developed first as one of its first in Phoenix area to battle with the high temperatures and severe climates of the desert. Goettl designed an evaporative cooler and a refrigerated AC unit to help the residents cope with the conditions.

Goettl was acquired by Ken Goodrich, who is also the President the CEO of the company saw an opportunity in the pain that the residents were forced to endure. At the time of purchase, the business seemed weak, mostly losses riddled with few instances of profits. But Goodrich’s morale and experience came in handy. He has steered the air conditioning and HVAC industry pioneer to the greater heights he never imagined.

Mr. Goodrich changed the focus of the company, from being after making a profit to tirelessly seeking to make their clients happy. To achieve this, Goodrich sought the help of his supportive employees. This saw the Goettl Company grew at over 500 percent through expansion and reporting over $50 million in annual sales.

Though the Goettl Company faces stiff competition, its robust and unique customer-oriented strategy has seen them stay still and efficient. The company also has competent engineers who carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner. This keeps their customers coming back.

Goettl recently acquired Moore Air Conditioning, a company that has been in this business for over five decades. This move has seen the Goettl Company cement their position as the best and can now provide their customers with the most skilled technical support in the industry. (www.prnewswire.com)

Goettl offers the best and quality air conditioning services, full range maintenance, repair and replacement services. It operates in Phoenix, Southern California, Las Vegas and Tucson areas

Top notch Air Conditioning services

Goettl Company employs technology and innovations in their business. This makes them offer affordable services regarding cost and energy consumption. Through their partnerships with important leaders in the industry, they ensure that your installations are conducted properly. They also offer a broad range of AC installations, such as

  • Ductless mini-splits- this is the best option for homes without ducts. With it, you can install blower units in your every room, central thermostats and zoned heating and cool ductless mini split heat pump
  • Heat pumps- is a heating and cooling system combined. It runs in reverse, moving heat in and out of your home
  • Central air conditioners- they stock cheap and efficient cooling systems that won’t stretch your budgets, but guarantees comfort.
  • Thermostats and other appliances- they install smart thermostats, new indoor air quality system and other appliances to keep your home comfortable.

Rocketship Education: Making the American Dream Equal to All

About Rocketship Education

In recent times, there has been an emergence of non-profit organizations trying to bridge the gap in education. This gap is brought about by the hierarchy in social classes. The wealthy have a better access to education compared to the poor. An example of organizations working to bring education to the needy is Rocketship Education. This group contains a network of elementary charter schools serving low-income students. Their primary concern is in neighborhoods where education is limited. Rocketship was founded in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The organization was founded to provide an excellent education to the poor and eliminate the achievement gap.

Rocketship Education Model

The organization seeks to infiltrate a workable education model that enables students from poor backgrounds to have an equal footing in achieving their goals. Their model uses technology and highly involves the teachers. This model enables students to acquire the right content, at the right time and uses the right method of instruction. Rocketship has gone as far as involving the parents and making them a part of their children education. This enables parents to encourage their children and also to keep up with their performance.

Rocketship Education Partnership

Rocketship Education recently partnered with Wolf School for Customized Program. This partnership is meant to run for the 2016-2017 school year. The partnership has proven very beneficial and has already registered a big number of students under the Rocketship Education to attend Wolf School.

Rocketship has grown over the years and has spread throughout the country. However, the organization’s roots still remain in California. They have ten schools in San Jose, one school in Concord and another in Redwood City. They are not only concerned about the students but the teachers as well. They seek to bring up a group of highly trained and qualified teachers. Their goal is to make students self-sufficient in life and have an equal platform to compete with any student from a well-off family. That is the American dream. Rocketship Education is on the quest to make sure that every child gets to dream.

Bob Reina: From Policeman To Successful Engineer

Bob Reina has done a lot of work throughout his career. He has achieved something that is very impressive for someone who has started as a policeman. He has always had a desire to take control of his life. He has also had the desire to help others that are in need. However, the limits of time and finances is what prevented him from being able to do what he wanted to help those in need. This is one of the reasons that he has sought out other activities in order to make tons of money. Among the things he has done was create apps that solve a ton of problems for the users. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


One app that he has created is Talk Fusion. This app helps with the marketing and communications so that people can connect better with people. It also makes it easier for marketers to sell their products so that they are able to profit and move their company forward towards their goals. He enables marketers to use video in order to promote the items that they are trying to sell. He enables them to put together video email. With Talk Fusion, he has brought together something that is very innovative in the market.


One thing that Bob Reina has done was push the limits of technology. He has seen the perceived limits and then has worked on ways to exceed those limits. As a result, people have come to benefit from his efforts. With Talk Fusion, he has made it easier for people to connect and for businesses to profit. He is also someone who is willing to bring a lot of assistance to people who are in need of help because of unfortunate circumstances. This is one of the reasons he is very successful as a marketer. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/video-marketing-leader-talk-fusion-launches-30-day-free-trials-300249666.html


Livio Bisterzo Makes Snacking Great Again With HIPPEAS

When it comes to weight management, snacking and grazing is what hurts us all. This is why the CEO of HIPPEAS, Livio Bisterzo, decided to create a healthy legume-based snack for the masses. He will finally make snacking great again.

Hippeas puffs are made of pure organic chickpeas and natural flavors. They have six different flavors in different colors that are more appealing towards millennials. They aim to spread “peas and love” by promoting healthy snacking with their tasty peas. Not only are they tasty, but they are also vegan-friendly.

Livio Bisterzo is a marketing genius that was born in and studied art in Italy. He came to the United States and worked in numerous industries that gave him an insight into marketing. His own personal passion for healthy eating and tasty food is what drove him to create this snack invention.

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There are so many legumes available that could have potentially made a snack, but Livio Bisterzo believes that chickpeas are the best option. He claims that marketing trends are surrounding chickpeas so he is only following the legume marketing trends. Chickpeas are also famous for producing a superior texture that other legumes do not match.

The Flavors Of HIPPEAS

Since Hippeas is aiming to become internationalized, they have a diverse list of flavors for their launch. They plan on making even more vegan flavors in the near future.

Far Out Fajita- This flavor will satisfy your craving for spicy Mexican food. It is spiced with chili, paprika and cumin.

Pepper Power- This flavor is simply topped with a liberal amount of cracked black pepper and sea salt.

Happenin’ Hickory- Barbeque flavored potato chips does not even match the smokiness of these chickpeas. It is infused with hickory smoke, tomato, onion and garlic.

Maple Haze- Who doesn’t like a thick glaze of maple syrup in their snacks? These puffs have real maple syrup instead of imitation flavor.

Vegan White Cheddar- Enjoy the flavor of cheddar cheese without the cruelty.

Sriracha Sunshine- This flavor has a combination of tanginess, sweetness, and spiciness. It is flavored with real jalapeno peppers and paprika.

Find more about Livio Bisterzo: https://www.clearlyveg.com/blog/tags/livio-bisterzo

Continue Fighting for Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of a couple of different organizations such as the Phoenix New Times as well as Village Voice Media. They have received settlement money from an arrest that they were involved in and they have decided to use this money to fund different migrant rights organizations all within the Arizona area.

Their arrest involved being taken out of their homes during the middle of the night and then being put into jail after notes that they had written about the specific sheriff were found. The gentlemen then sued the county and they received $3.75 million for their settlement.

After all of the chaos with jail and court, Lacey and Larkin started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They started this fund to help support different groups that advocate for many different rights including migrant, human and civil rights.

They are also supporting groups who focus on freedom of speech as well as civic participation. All of the groups that they are supporting with this fund are throughout all of Arizona, including those who are on the Mexican border or la linea fronteriza.

There are many other groups out there who also support human, migrant and civil rights. When it comes to things such as electing presidents and house members, there isn’t much control other than casting a vote for what you support. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

However, there are still things that can be done to support these movements. Donating as well as fighting for these causes is something that each person in the United States has the freedom to do.

Border Angels is a non-profit that is run entirely on their volunteers. Their goal is to continue advocating for social justice as well as legislative immigration reform. They offer numerous different educational and awareness programs and they also continue to maintain many different migrant outreach programs.

When looking to help continue supporting women’s rights, the National Organization for Women is a great place to donate to and work with. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/

The National Organization for Women is a feminist advocacy group and they have been fighting for rights for women since back in the 1960’s. Their main focus is promoting reproductive rights and putting an end to all gender-based inequality.

Equal Justice Network is a group who is continually fighting for civil rights. Their main mission is to both strengthen as well as expand the provision of assistance that is given to low-income people for civil legal cases. They continue to do this through many efforts of a group of advocates.

This group of advocates includes the private bar, legal services programs, community organizations as well as social service, courts, different law schools, advocacy groups at both the national level as well as the state level and they also use low-income people to advocate for themselves.

It is important to continue fighting for all rights. There are numerous other women’s rights, civil rights and migrant rights organizations throughout the country.

Finding one in an area or state is just a quick and easy google search! Whether volunteering or donating, helping these organizations continue fighting for what’s right is what is most important.