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The American Institute Of Architects – A Historical Organization For Licensed Professionals

     Roberty Ivy is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA is a dynamic network or professional and licensed members revolving around the architectural world. It consists of over 250 chapters with more than 90,000 members who are architects and design professionals who are committed to enhancing structures and buildings. Robert Ivy is an architect himself, who is working to strengthen the organization by reaching out to the public, promoting government advocacy, and providing educational initiatives that help members serve a wide variety of clients and community members. The historical legacy of the AIA is prosperous and notable with a strong platform for professionals. Ivy has been involved with the AIA since 2011 and continues to transform the profession by providing a proactive approach with remarkable responses. Technology has radically developed throughout the years which has left the organization with a new digital infrastructure and improved decision-making options. Ivy’s latest focus has shifted to the essential resources involved in the consumers. He works to aid in the overall development of architects and their pressing issues such as climate change, sustainability, and the overall contact concerning the design structures related to public health.

The American Institute of Architecture evolved in 1857 when 13 architects decided to get together to promote the scientific and practical integrity of architects throughout the world. Prior to the AIA becoming a recognized organization, architects all over the world could claim that they were capable of performing the job. Now, with the institute set in place, architects must be licensed and capable of completing the job in an efficient manner. This not only protects the client but it also protects the architects.

The group teamed up with 16 other officials to complete the process of bylaws. By March 10, 1857, they had constructed the necessary components to start the worldwide, historical organization. By the 1880s, many cities opted to join and complete the necessary chapters. There are now over 300 chapters affiliated with the AIA.

The AIA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., where they inspect the overall members of the organization along with the code of ethics. Each professional must comply with a certain code of ethics and maintain the highest standards of their professional practice in order to remain in the organization. The membership contains five different types of memberships. There is no category for students, however, they can become members of the AIA if they join certain chapters that have student memberships.

Lacey and Larkin Foundation, Fighting for Freedom

There has been an ongoing debate concerning undocumented immigrants’ rights in the United States. The Trump administration has been devout in their attempts to deter these undocumented immigrants from receiving rights like average American citizens receive.

The thing is, even if someone enters the United States illegally, they are still guaranteed certain inalienable rights under the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in such a way that grants rights to all human beings, regardless of race, religion, creed, or citizenship status. To infringe upon these rights is a direct violation of the American Constitution and a blatant disregard for humanity. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

For those who have entered the United States illegally, there are certain sections of the Constitution which directly apply to them.

The strongest example can be read in the Fourteenth Amendment, which goes to state: “No state shall… deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

A person may be documented or undocumented, no matter what their status, they are guaranteed the protection of these rights. They may not be subjected to a trial without jury and they must be granted the right to defend themselves during said trial. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Infringing upon these basic rights by rounding up immigrants and sending them to mass detention centers until they are deported is not only criminal, it is unconstitutional.

When politicians are allowed to reign free with a heavy hand and disrespect the rights of an entire group of people, we start to witness the foundation of the justice system breaking down. Families are separated, homes are taken, and lives are destroyed.

There are amendments which protect people from unlawful search and seizure. It often happens that law enforcement will catch an undocumented worker and arrest him or her to be deported.

When this happens, it is important to remember that undocumented workers still have the right to defend themselves. They have the right to a proper hearing in front of an immigration judge in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). It is unlawful for the United States government to send anyone out of the country without first giving them a proper review hearing.

When sitting for a hearing, it is vital for immigrants to remember they have the right to representation by an attorney. There are many low-cost organizations and charities dedicated to assisting immigrants by providing legal representation. It can mean the difference between deportation and freedom.

An effective organization fighting for immigrants’ rights is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They are dedicated to providing funding for other charitable organizations who provide healthcare, legal assistance, and human rights activism.

Tony Petrello Philanthropic Activities towards Texas Children Hospital

Tony Petrello still exercises his philanthropic activities to date. He has lately donated a large sum of money to a research institute totaling $5 million and plans to add onto in $2 million. Moreover, he plans to contribute to fundraising plans of the research institute.

Tony Petrello’s daughter Carena who is eight years old suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. She is currently learning to chew solid food. She can now successfully chew solid foods after a long time in training mixed with sheer determination. The condition affects her nervous system making it difficult for her to learn the common things that other children do in her age. She has the next project in learning how to walk and talk. Carena was born prematurely at the sixth month with a weight of only 20 ounces. She was later discovered with the condition that is common among premature babies and is caused by lack of sufficient blood flow to the brain. The condition leads to cerebral palsy.

Tony Petrello has decided together with his wife to ensure that their daughter gets the right remedy. As a result, they ended up in the Texas Children Hospital. Their core mission was to make it possible for Carena and children with the same problem as their daughter to grow up and achieve their ambitions. Tony Petrello able to contribute towards healthcare through the firm created by Dan Duncan. They have also contributed fifty million dollars to the development of the Jan Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Tony Petrello attained his master’s degree mathematics from Yale University after getting a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the same university. He furthered his education to get a jury’s doctorate from the law school at Harvard University. Later on, he started a career in law at the Baker & McKenzie, a firm that was majoring in general corporate law, international arbitration and taxation. He joined the firm in the year 1979. Tony Petrello later climbed to become the managing partner after seven years in the firm. Afterwards, he decided to leave the firm and join the Nabor Industries where he is currently working.

Tony Petrello joined the company as a member of the board of directors in the year 1991. He was again elected as the executive committee of the board. Tony Petrello served as the chief operating officer and continued on the rise to become the deputy chairman of the board in the year 2003. In 2011, he became the CEO of the industries.

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Bridget Scarr Experience in Art Industry

Bridget Scarr is known in the world of art. She is a writer and a creative producer who love the content in all forms. From television to digital content, augmented reality, the interactive exhibition and virtual reality since she believes it immediately changes the world by shifting mindsets. Her work affects a large audience either emotionally or intellectually. Bridget is always grateful for what she has, and Scarr appreciates those are close to her after creativity pulled her out of despair, and provided her with the personal outlet, freedom of expression and the space for fun when she had lost everything.


Amazingly in about seven years, Bridget and her partner build Pollen Creative Media from five employees to over two hundred employees. She is currently partnering, strategizing and content developing at Colibri Studios where she is involved in bringing projects to life. She thought of Colibri Studios since she wanted a home for her ideation and not only TV producing like her previous job. Colibri brings all her ideas to life under one umbrella be it virtual reality or any form of creativity she is based in doing.


Her typical day starts and ends with meditation which she believes it gets her energized and focused. She follows her daily schedule to attain all the objectives of the day and all the projects that are in her hands. From ideation to project completion, depending on the initial inspiration for the project she can bring her ideas to life in collaboration with the right team or project partners which takes some time.


Taking time out makes her more productive. While she is out there, nature helps her connect with the world in a meaningful way, and she gets inspirations which encourage her creativity. She believes that one should eliminate fear and trust his journey. After her first business closed its door, she believed in herself and even managed to rise again through meditation and the support from the loved ones. She survived the hardships over a year and overcame the stress of losing her job.


Almost nobody agrees that magic is real, but according to Bridget magic is real and is around humanity. She recommends meditation to everyone since she believed it changed her life to the better and it will do the same to everyone else.


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Equities First Holdings UK

The company is known for their ability to help every one form the person with the small bank account to the cooperation with the largest payroll. The company is named Equites First Holding UK. There are one of the best companies in the world when it comes stop help the common man out with his financial problems. The company insist on making it so that every has a chance at financial freedom. The UK office is based in London, but do not let that discourage you from checking out the company since they have offices all over the world .Including one in New York City. The company a great place not only for its customers, but for its investors aw well. The company has shown the ability to mage the need of both sides in a way that I simply poetic. First Holdings also give are case for each quarter they perform well in.

Vijay Eswaran Gives A Word To Graduate Students

As the job market shifts to a more tech-based form, there’s going to be a lot of new ways companies hire, but one entrepreneur believes there should also be a shift in the way graduate students approach the market.

That entrepreneur is Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chair of QI Group Ltd. Eswaran told the Malaysian Star these graduate students should change their way of entering the job market from simply occupying a position, to taking the initiative to create jobs.

\While Eswaran also said he didn’t put a startup environment over an already established company environment, he did talk about the need in either case for beginners to be less risk averse in trying to get their own company going. He pointed to certain countries that were seeing good economic growth from more people becoming their own bosses. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran started QI Group after several years of doing different jobs across Europe and the US. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Southern Illinois. He had returned to Asia in 1998 because he became interested in a multilevel marketing company that was being started.

Not long after helping start it, Eswaran and his friend Joseph Bismarck began leading it and named it QI Group. From this parent company, they founded QNet, QI Asset Management, QI University, QStride and Quex Courier.

Vijay Eswaran also founded the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation, the latter of which was named for his father under QI Group’s auspices. Eswaran has always believed philanthropy and business mix, but even more so he’s a strong advocate of spiritualism having a role at QI Group.

Not only has Eswaran given lectures about his leadership through spiritual concepts, he’s also wrote books on the topic including the bestseller “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Eswaran has also been featured many times in Forbes Asia, and he was also the recipient of the 2012 New Global Indian award.

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Adam Milstein’s Endeavors as A Real Estate Investor and a Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a popular entrepreneur who has a lot of money due to the investment that he made in the real estate industry. Being an Israel-American has seen him being respected for assisting members of his society who are located in the United the year 1973 he was part of the IDF troops in the Tom Kippur War. Adam Milstein was born in Israel and raised their hence he knows all the cultural way of the Israel community. Due to searching better economic chances, he was able to move to the United States with his wife in the year 1981. As a successful businessman, he went to the University in Israel and attained a degree in business and economic and also went to the University of Southern California and got an MBA.

Firstly Milstein started his journey career as a sales agent in the real estate sector these saw him being employed to one of the top organization named Hager Pacific Properties due to the hard work and commitment that he put through while working. Most of the clients are located in Southern California where it manages industrial and commercial real estates. The organization has been able to accomplish various properties all over the world. At Hager Pacific Properties Milstein role has been planning handling accounting and financing operations. Most of the young people in the community see him as a role model.

Milstein has also been part of the community charity work for over two decades these enabled him to be recognized all over the world. The charity work that he does is named ma’aser rishon, whereby it is a Jewish culture which requires people to donate 10 percent of the revenue. Furthermore since 20002 together with his wife they founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Apart from that, his wife is also in charge of a charity named Sifriyat Pijama B’ and also provide Jewish kids with books that guide them about their culture. Her dedications bore positive fruits since she was able to reach over 15,000 Israeli-American families. Milstein was also part of starting Israel-America Council (IAC), which strength relationship among nations. Lastly Milstein family gives charity $1 million annually to assist Israeli-American community

Meet OSI Group president David McDonald

OSI Group is the leading international food processing company based in Aurora. It is a huge company with over 80 branches in 17 nations. To manage such a company, require experience and excellent managerial skills to enhance sustainability. The company supplies to Subway, McDonalds, Yum, Starbucks, Papa John’s as well as Burger King; which are the world leading food companies. David McDonald has been key for OSI Group growth and expansion.

David holds a degree in animal science from Iowa State University. After education, he worked at OSI Industries as a project manager. He has been a director at Marfrig Foods S.A., and he has held various leadership positions like the chairman at North American Meat Institute. He has always worked hard, and his determination to achieve great things in life is great. He joined OSI Group and worked hard until he was the president of the big company.

David McDonald leadership at OSI Group has helped the company improve their service delivery. David has helped the company open many branches all over the world to broaden their customer base. Under David’s leadership, the company is constructing two major poultry processing plants in China. Also establishing branches in Hungary, Geneva, India as well as Poland has been very helpful. Using strategies to penetrate many markets the company can gain more customers, and this has been very pivotal in the company’s growth.

McDonald has also employed acquisition tactic to broaden OSI Group market. The company has acquired several food processing giants like Baho Food. Acquisition of Baho food was a perfect tactic as the Dutch food processing company had been operational in Germany and Netherlands. McDonald said that this was a significant step to broaden OSI Group’s presence in Europe. Baho food specialized in processing of deli meat, snacks, and convenient foods.

David ensures that the regional managers understand cultures, tastes, and preferences of their customers. This is essential in ensuring products supplied to their clients have a ready market. Developing products that are customer oriented is critical in food processing business. Therefore, McDonald ensures the company branches are managed by people who understand culture as well as government regulations in the regions for high efficiency.

David McDonald has been very crucial to OSI Group’s success, and he is confident that the company will continue to offer high-quality, healthy foods. Addressing customers’ needs is what has been helping OSI group. David ensures the company delivers quality services to their clients and with time they will penetrate more countries. It has not been easy, but McDonald says it is only hard work and determination which have made him take OSI Group this far.

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Nathaniel Ru Makes Healthy Eating Look Easy

Anyone that knows an ounce of information about Nathaniel Ru knows that he does not operate on the same level as everyone else.

As a young entrepreneur he has realized that the only innovations that would last are the things that people work hard to put into place. When he decided to open Sweetgreen he knew that he was on a very creative spark, but he knew that one restaurant would not be enough to start a trend.

When he created his first restaurant in Georgetown there were no healthy food options for restaurants. He believed that he was onto something good.

Nathaniel Ru believed that there were other people that wanted to seethe same thing.  He could have stopped with a single restaurant and became something of a novelty in the Georgetown area. He wanted to do more than this though.

Nathaniel had a plan. He knew that the only way that he could create something that would last was by expanding and actually turning this into a restaurant chain that could be accessible to people in other cities.

Nathaniel Ru had his mind on making something that would last long after he was gone. He is still a very young entrepreneur, but his end goal is to make Sweetgreen a nationwide success.

He wants everyone to have access to healthy eating alternatives even if this is something that they may not fully utilize. He wants people to have the option to eat healthy at affordable prices, and Sweetgreen is the restaurant chain that could possibly make this happen.

Nathaniel had a very important plan. He wanted to appease the desires of others that were seeking healthy food options just as he had when he was a student at Georgetown University.

Nathaniel Ru wanted to create a blueprint for something that would be different from the fast food chains that were currently in place. He did not want to be a carbon copy of anyone else. Nathaniel, by contrast, wanted to create an environment where people would crave healthy food. This is not something that has ever been a thing that the mainstream has done, but Nathaniel believed that there was a possibility.

He wanted to start with fresh fruits and vegetables, and he believed that this would be the gateway to starting more conversations about healthy eating. His restaurant chain has been successful and investors love this innovation.

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Solutions Plus Success Equals Eric Pulier

Are you interested in the technology industry? Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Eric Pulier and information technology goes hand to hand. This guy is basically a genius, and he uses his ingenuity to improve society. He has literally made a huge impact on peoples lives in general. This is because he has developed numerous technological programs that can be used in practical ways. Pulier has developed educational multimedia programs for people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. The programs have helped these individuals understand and how to deal with the disorder on a daily basis. He has also helped to introduce advanced technology to underserved communities around the world. In 2010, Pulier was the top billed honoree at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa” benefit in New York City. He has also won many other philanthropic awards throughout the years.

Pulier is very practical while being somewhat of a futurist. He uses tried and true methods to reach his goals. Brainstorming for ideas and reading a lot of content has helped to boost these progressive results. His strong passion for technology can’t be denied as it has always been a part of his foundation from the start. In the fourth grade, Pulier programmed a computer and while in high school, he would start a computer database company. As of today, this guy has founded 15 tech related companies. This includes:

• U.S. Interactive
• Service Mesh Inc.
• Akana Software
• Digital Evolution
• Desktone
• And many more

When it comes to investing, Pulier has that notion covered perfectly. He has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech startup companies in which many of them have gone on to become a huge success. He has also helped to raise and donate hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable organizations. This guy has a great head on his shoulders, and he uses his head to come up with some of the best solutions for society. All in all, Eric Pulier may not be a household name, but he’s a true American hero.

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