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Why Talk Fusion is An Emerging Trend

It’s obvious that the world functions largely on a digital scale which means that Talk Fusion is the innovative company that fits right in. No company is growing faster than a company like Talk Fusion. I was researching companies that were on the horizon of something great, and this was one of the companies that sat at the top of the list.

Talk Fusion is all about emerging trends, and Founder and CEO Bob Reina was smart enough to grab ahold of the latest in technology in 2007 to help you grow your business. With his expertise and innovation, Reina was determined to find a way to empower individuals as well as other entrepreneurs. His passion for helping individuals grow their business drove him to develop a company that would put the technology side of business first.

The basis for the company is the cutting-edge video technology. This was a great thing for me because I knew that video would be a new and welcome addition to everything that I was already doing. As a copywriter, I already know that digital technology will further my business, but Bob was onto something when he took the focus to video. In 2007, Bob started with video email, and in time that grew significantly. The key to growing business is through technology, which means that as new applications continue to emerge, Bob will continue to add more tools and resources to his Talk Fusion offerings.

What do you need to help you propel your business further this year? What technology could you benefit from, that would help you get to the cutting edge for your business? If you are still looking for tools in technology that can help you work smarter, take a look at Talk Fusion first.

How Investment Banking Can Change Your Life

Investment banking is a field all on its own and many people are finding that it helps them to make money and know that they are doing something beneficial for their financial well-being. If this has been an issue that you have faced in the past, it helps if you begin to work with an investment banking professional who is going to be able to help you out.


One such expert is known as Martin Lustgarten and he has worked with hundreds of people to make wise and lasting investment decisions. Because of the fact that you want to know that you are making the right decision for your financial well-being, you need an expert like Martin Lustgarten who can work with you and get you the investing that you need. You will find that by working with a professional like this, it helps your investments to yield a little bit more than if you were to do it all by yourself.


One of the greatest things about working with Martin Lustgarten is that he is a professional who has a lot of experience and education in terms of finances. He has worked with tons of people and has an amazing outcome when it concerns their investments. Because of this, you can feel confident hiring Martin Lustgarten and knowing that you are doing something that will yield you a lot of money over the course of time.
There are a lot of reasons and benefits for you to think about making an investment, but it does pay off if you are working with a professional who knows what they are doing and can help you out if you do not know the first thing about working in this field. Martin Lustgarten is a great choice and can be a prime example of a person who is able to help out with investments and allow you to do the best possible when putting your money into it.

An Established Agency Makes a Push for New York

If the name Dave Liniger sounds familiar, it should. Mr. Liniger is the founder of the real estate giant RE/MAX and has his eyes set on the New York City area by buying back the Master Franchise for New York City real estate. As reported in Real Estate Weekly, Liniger plans to ramp-up the local brokerages while expanding across the state, a part of the national plan Mr. Liniger has already set into motion by buying back 16 regional offices from franchise owners already.

To lead the charge, Liniger has placed Terri Bohannon, a veteran of the company, as the head of a special team that will begin a new branding and marketing campaign aimed at growing the operations in New York.

“I think they’ll do extremely well,” stated Mr. Liniger. “Our New Jersey region has been a phenomenal success, we have 20 percent market share in the state. In Pennsylvania, there’s almost the same figure and in New England, too.” Liniger added, “It’s about getting the right management team, selling franchises to the right people with the right drive and ambition and leadership style.”

However, Dave Liniger and RE/MAX might have their hands full using this model. TOWN Residential, the leading luxury real estate firm in New York, provides their customers with excellent customer service by a team of Representatives that are some of the best in the industry, and are lead by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable personnel available.

TOWN Residential has been considered the Best Firm to work for, as well as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. These accolades serves as the company’s validation that it is not only the best place for clients to search for a new home, but also attracts quality agents to TOWN Residential, helping to ensure that the company’s standards of quality remains intact.

There May Be Plenty Of YouTubers’, But There’s Only One Wengie

In recent years, many people around the world have turned their hobbies of making videos into lucrative careers on the video-sharing website YouTube. These people are known as YouTubers, and have achieved celebrity status due to the large numbers of people that regularly view their videos.

By creating channels that are attractive and appealing, YouTubers can also potentially attract advertisers and sponsors. When a YouTuber draws lots of subscribers, along with high quality advertisers and sponsors, he or she can now attain levels of fame that used to only be reserved for television and movie stars.

There are funny YouTubers, such as Jenna Marbles, penguinz0, Ray William Johnson, and Smosh. Each of these personalities offers their own brand of humor, and they all have large numbers of fans and subscribers.

Among the famous YouTubers that are renowned for their musical abilities are Nick Pitera, Walk Off The Earth, Lindsey Stirling, and Pentatonix.

Without a doubt, one of the world’s famous YouTubers would have to be Wengie. This Australian-based blogger hosts a beauty channel on YouTube that regularly draws huge numbers of viewers.

Wengie is an attractive Chinese-Australian woman who creates videos and blogs that feature tutorials on a wide range of mostly beauty-related topics. Although many of Wengie’s videos are instructional in nature, they are also fun to watch and are popular with viewers of all ages. All of Wengie’s videos feature high quality photography and audio, and although they are very informative, they can also be quite funny.

Among the types of topics that Wengie posts videos about are hair tutorials, diet and fitness tips, simple makeup tutorials, morning and nighttime routines, and skincare products. With her genuinely friendly personality, Wengie has a way of making every topic interesting.

Compliance Officers Jobs get Tougher Right before Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are extremely tough on economy. The reason why they prove to be so difficult for the financial and business sector has to do with the instability that awaits on the horizon. When a new president has the potential to be elected it will naturally impeded the flow of business and finance. The reason being is that most financial and business institutions do not know if a new set of financial policies will be in place. 

Many people are already skeptical about the economy at any given point in time. This sentiment tends to grow worse right before a new president has the chance of taking office. Even if a president is a two term office holder, the market still slows down in anticipation of receiving a new candidate in the position. 

Compliance officers have to be really careful during this time. They know that many companies have a tendency to behave in unethical ways right before an election. CEOs might encourage their workers to do some unethical activities to improve their bottom line. Independent brokers and investment managers might have the desire to shortchange their clients by having them to make bad investments. 

A compliance officer must be proactive months before an election to ensure that brokers are staying on time. 

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer that has been watching companies and businesses very closely right before an election begins. She ensures that workers are not getting frustrated about the downturn in business that their organization is receiving. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is staying compliant with the law and with business standards. Morrison has been involved in the business world for many years and her skills as a compliance officer has helped her to achieve much in this field. 

She has worked for the Securities Exchange Commission and has kept workers in line. She received much praise for her time with the SEC from the Wall Street Journal in this article. She also exposed business and organizations that were committing fraud and corruption with the public. Morrison is now working for Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is prepared for the downturn in the economy before the 2016 election. She is going out of her way to ensure that workers under her management are compliant and on track. More about Morrison and how she deals with her company as a compliance office is available in the article on Project Eve.

To view her full resume, check out Helane on LinkedIn here >>

The DeVos Family’s Republican Support

The time for a new president is fast approaching. We are now at the epicenter of the presidential campaigns. Various high profile personalities are aligning themselves behind certain candidates. The DeVos family, a rich and powerful clan in west Michigan, has chosen to back the Republican candidate, Marco Rubio. As spokesman for his family, billionaire businessman Dick DeVos recently explained why the family was now backing Rubio. He said they had been backing Florida Governor Jeb Bush until he dropped out of the race.

DeVos added that they intend to do all they can to give Rubio momentum in his campaign. The aid of the immensely wealthy clan will primarily come in the form of significant financial assistance. Their friendship with Rubio did not just start. Dick has been well acquainted with Rubio since his 2006-8 stint in the Florida House of Representatives. It was during that time that the Devos grew very impressed by the leadership of both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Dick DeVos well understands how hard it is to be a politician.

There is mounting pressure for the Ohio Gov. John Kasich to back out of the race, so Rubio will have more of a chance against his opponents. But Kasich is not backing down. In fact, he will soon be running ads that will attempt to explain why he has more of a chance against Clinton than Rubio. In the recent, certain of the DeVos family have given money to Kasich’s campaign. In fact, Dick’s mother Helen gave Kasich, Bush, and Rubio $2, 700 each. Dick says it has not been until very, very recently that Rubio has become the clear favorite among the entire DeVos clan.

DeVos is the heir to the Amway Corporation (Michigan Live feature) and worked with the company throughout his career before he left to begin the Windquest Group. His resume on New Netherland Institute proves his experience in business and philanthropy.

Dick and Betsy started their own foundation that gives regularly to education, community services and many more causes. Dick is proud to be part of an aviation charter school both because of his dedication to education and because of his passion for flight.

Connect with Dick on LinkedIn to learn more about his career.


A Campaign to Benefit Homeless Animals Is Spearheaded by a New York Lawyer

When most people see a stray animal on the streets of New York City, they want to do something about it. Not everyone has the circumstances to take in a stray animal. However, they try to help by taking the animal to a place where it can be cared for, like a New York City animal shelter. They make all of the effort that is needed to find a shelter and then take the animal there. However, when they actually arrive, they may find that they are turned away. One of the main reasons why this happens is because animal shelters in New York and in other places simply do not have the funding that is needed to take care of all of the animals that need help. Many individuals are forced to let the animal go back on the streets. This is something that is especially difficult during winter when temperatures drop below zero.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people who are reaching out and are trying to find a solution to the problem. For example, Ross Abelow is spearheading a campaign that will raise money for New York animal shelters. He has created a Go Fund Me account where individuals can donate money to this cause. Once the donations reached $5,000, all of the money will be donated to local animal shelters. This is going to go a long way in addressing many of the problems that animal shelters in New York are facing. First, more space will be acquired where homeless animals can be housed. Second, items like food and blankets can be purchased. Third, animals that are sick will be cared for by experienced veterinarians, and money will be on hand to purchase medicine and medical supplies.

Ross Abelow is interested in the well-being of individuals in New York City. He has been working in the community for more than 25 years defending the rights of a his clients. He is an experienced matrimonial and family lawyer. After practicing law for more than 25 years in different firms in the city, he became a partner at Abelow & Cassandro LLP. As a partner at this firm, it is still his goal to defend clients who are going through different family situations that require legal expertise.

The Powerful Story of Helane Morrison

The name Helane Morrison is one which most people are unfamiliar with, this is unfortunate as she is a individual whose theater of works deserve a great deal of time in the light. During the 2007 financial collapse, countless voices screamed of a coming economic implosion, one which was not just national, bound by state lines but was international, global. Financial institutions the world over faced total insolvency and quickly turned to their respective governments (and even outside governments) for financial relief – bail outs. Not just that but with the nations of the world faced a existential crisis from massive, all time high unemployment a series of extremely important questions rose from the collapsing infrastructure.

Namely, who to trust and with what? What is the source of one’s nations wealth, is there any physical backing to one’s currency? What will become of one’s investments, nest eggs, savings, retirement funds?

With these questions came great scrutiny as massive amounts of previously well concealed information and with this sudden deluge of hitherto unknown data came the realization of corruption on a enormous scale. This is where Helane Morrison enters the stage; after rising quickly to the attention of various law firms during the 80s, Morrison enters into the law firm of HRNCFR with a specialty of security violations. Not long after that Morrison was contracted by the US government into the office of Securities and Exchange. 

During this position she effortlessly combined her previous experience in journalism and law to prosecute a astounding series of extraordinarily high profile companies involved in series financial fraud. Some of these shocked even the lawyers and experts involved, such as Hewllet Packard, Google, Next Card Inc and even HBO. During her investigation, Morrison and her associates exposed over fifty thousand fake securities saving thousands upon thousands of US citizens their hard earned savings.

Most recently she has won the lauded, Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area and Public sector and so prolific is her staggering career that she’s won MIW Bay Area award three previous times!

Learn more about Helane’s career from her LinkedIn or visit her Bloomberg profile here:

The Story of Coriant

As time moves forward and technology progresses, the industries that rely on technology also must change and adapt, and make a place in the modern era. Companies in the industry such a Coriant know this like many others would.

Coriant is the name of a telecommunications company that got its first start back in 2013. The company, which has its headquarters in both Germany and the United States, was originally under the ownership of Nokia Siemens Networks, which in turn was owned by Marlin Equity Partners. In the spring of 2013, the company made the announcement that it would declare its independence from Nokia and become its own entity. More recently, Marlin Equity partners has decided to form merger between Coriant and Tellabs, another telecom company, and as a result everything will operate under the name of Coriant.

Kheradpir serves as the current CEO of the company, after putting in long hours of work cooperating with vendors within and outside of the company. With him as CEO, Kheradpir now replaces former CEO Pat DiPietro, who now serves as the vice chairman of the company. Kheradpir is a London native who spent a large portion of his younger years living in Iran, but left for the United States to attend Cornell University. While there, he earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering.

His work with the company impressed his employers so much that he eventually found himself being award the position of chief information officer (CIO). In 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged together to form what is now Verizon, where Kheradpir also held the position of CIO. During his time there, he was responsible for creating small teams in the department who would come up with new and innovative ideas for marketing. He was also able to get the information technology budget and number of staff reduced to a significant amount.

Check out Kheradpir on Twitter and Facebook

Marcio Alaor: Endeavor Business Report Ranks Top Cities for Companies

In the month of December, Endeavor, an association supporting business visionaries, released a report of the most entrepreneurial urban areas in Brazil. Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank, said the report examined thirty two urban areas in all locales of the nation to highlight the most suitable urban areas for business development taking into account 55 particular indexes.

Specialists refer to the significance of the report for the urban areas that want to enhance better developmental and operating conditions for businesses. Marcio Alaor of BMG highlights that the quantity of urban areas reviewed in the report has expanded by more than 50% since 2014 and the report included remarks with recommendations for change and tips for how to become a model city. Both the urban communities discussed by the report and organizations can profit by being mentioned on the Endeavor list by encouraging companies to build up business relations. Additionally, Marcio Alaor notes that the report shows the best qualities and difficulties of every city.

First place – In the top ranked position, is São Paulo. São Paulo has the biggest business sector in the nation and is the headquarters of a large portion of the nations largest organizations. Marcio Alaor notes that, per the results of the Index, “São Paulo represents more than 60% of all venture capital spending in the nation”.

Second place – Florianopolis is one of the most innovative urban cities according to the report. The city has a large quantity of academic instructors and medical doctors.

Third place – Victory, is a balanced city. The city has an educated and skilled working class.

Fourth place – Recife, is a city endowed with highly skilled human capital. The city has the biggest amount of technical skilled workers and a tax friendly business regulatory environment.

Fifth place – Campinas, is home to the Viracopos Airplane terminal which is the nation’s biggest. It also has one of Latin America’s largest load centers.

Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG notes that the Endeavor organization is keen to offer urban areas pointers on how to develop more favorable environments for the establishment and development of organizations and ultimately the local business sector.

At BMG Bank, one of the top officials is director Marcio Alaor. With Marcio Alaor as director, BMG Bank has proceeded to excel as being among the best banks in Brazil and Latin America. What makes BMG Bank special is the numerous services it gives to both people and organizations. For example, BMG Bank offers excellent rates on both consumer loans and payroll loans. It is widely considered the leading Brazilian bank in that niche market.

For more information, you can follow BMG Bank director Marcio Alaor on Twitter or his professional website.