Bridget Scarr Experience in Art Industry

Bridget Scarr is known in the world of art. She is a writer and a creative producer who love the content in all forms. From television to digital content, augmented reality, the interactive exhibition and virtual reality since she believes it immediately changes the world by shifting mindsets. Her work affects a large audience either emotionally or intellectually. Bridget is always grateful for what she has, and Scarr appreciates those are close to her after creativity pulled her out of despair, and provided her with the personal outlet, freedom of expression and the space for fun when she had lost everything.


Amazingly in about seven years, Bridget and her partner build Pollen Creative Media from five employees to over two hundred employees. She is currently partnering, strategizing and content developing at Colibri Studios where she is involved in bringing projects to life. She thought of Colibri Studios since she wanted a home for her ideation and not only TV producing like her previous job. Colibri brings all her ideas to life under one umbrella be it virtual reality or any form of creativity she is based in doing.


Her typical day starts and ends with meditation which she believes it gets her energized and focused. She follows her daily schedule to attain all the objectives of the day and all the projects that are in her hands. From ideation to project completion, depending on the initial inspiration for the project she can bring her ideas to life in collaboration with the right team or project partners which takes some time.


Taking time out makes her more productive. While she is out there, nature helps her connect with the world in a meaningful way, and she gets inspirations which encourage her creativity. She believes that one should eliminate fear and trust his journey. After her first business closed its door, she believed in herself and even managed to rise again through meditation and the support from the loved ones. She survived the hardships over a year and overcame the stress of losing her job.


Almost nobody agrees that magic is real, but according to Bridget magic is real and is around humanity. She recommends meditation to everyone since she believed it changed her life to the better and it will do the same to everyone else.


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