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Bridget Scarr Experience in Art Industry

Bridget Scarr is known in the world of art. She is a writer and a creative producer who love the content in all forms. From television to digital content, augmented reality, the interactive exhibition and virtual reality since she believes it immediately changes the world by shifting mindsets. Her work affects a large audience either emotionally or intellectually. Bridget is always grateful for what she has, and Scarr appreciates those are close to her after creativity pulled her out of despair, and provided her with the personal outlet, freedom of expression and the space for fun when she had lost everything.


Amazingly in about seven years, Bridget and her partner build Pollen Creative Media from five employees to over two hundred employees. She is currently partnering, strategizing and content developing at Colibri Studios where she is involved in bringing projects to life. She thought of Colibri Studios since she wanted a home for her ideation and not only TV producing like her previous job. Colibri brings all her ideas to life under one umbrella be it virtual reality or any form of creativity she is based in doing.


Her typical day starts and ends with meditation which she believes it gets her energized and focused. She follows her daily schedule to attain all the objectives of the day and all the projects that are in her hands. From ideation to project completion, depending on the initial inspiration for the project she can bring her ideas to life in collaboration with the right team or project partners which takes some time.


Taking time out makes her more productive. While she is out there, nature helps her connect with the world in a meaningful way, and she gets inspirations which encourage her creativity. She believes that one should eliminate fear and trust his journey. After her first business closed its door, she believed in herself and even managed to rise again through meditation and the support from the loved ones. She survived the hardships over a year and overcame the stress of losing her job.


Almost nobody agrees that magic is real, but according to Bridget magic is real and is around humanity. She recommends meditation to everyone since she believed it changed her life to the better and it will do the same to everyone else.


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Equities First Holdings UK

The company is known for their ability to help every one form the person with the small bank account to the cooperation with the largest payroll. The company is named Equites First Holding UK. There are one of the best companies in the world when it comes stop help the common man out with his financial problems. The company insist on making it so that every has a chance at financial freedom. The UK office is based in London, but do not let that discourage you from checking out the company since they have offices all over the world .Including one in New York City. The company a great place not only for its customers, but for its investors aw well. The company has shown the ability to mage the need of both sides in a way that I simply poetic. First Holdings also give are case for each quarter they perform well in.

Bob Reina: From Policeman To Successful Engineer

Bob Reina has done a lot of work throughout his career. He has achieved something that is very impressive for someone who has started as a policeman. He has always had a desire to take control of his life. He has also had the desire to help others that are in need. However, the limits of time and finances is what prevented him from being able to do what he wanted to help those in need. This is one of the reasons that he has sought out other activities in order to make tons of money. Among the things he has done was create apps that solve a ton of problems for the users. Learn more:


One app that he has created is Talk Fusion. This app helps with the marketing and communications so that people can connect better with people. It also makes it easier for marketers to sell their products so that they are able to profit and move their company forward towards their goals. He enables marketers to use video in order to promote the items that they are trying to sell. He enables them to put together video email. With Talk Fusion, he has brought together something that is very innovative in the market.


One thing that Bob Reina has done was push the limits of technology. He has seen the perceived limits and then has worked on ways to exceed those limits. As a result, people have come to benefit from his efforts. With Talk Fusion, he has made it easier for people to connect and for businesses to profit. He is also someone who is willing to bring a lot of assistance to people who are in need of help because of unfortunate circumstances. This is one of the reasons he is very successful as a marketer. Learn more:


Tony Petrello guides Nabors Industries with brilliant strategic vision

Nabors Industries has become the single largest operator of land drilling assets in the United States today. But it wasn’t always that way. Nabors Industries went through an era of stagnation that lasted throughout the entire decades of the ‘70s and ‘80s. It was not until new management was brought in, after the company had gone through a chapter 11 bankruptcy and nearly lost everything, that the company began to turn its fortunes around.

No one was more instrumental in the turnaround then Tony Petrello, the company’s CEO, who has been on board with Nabors Industries in one executive role or another since 1991. Under Petrello’s strategic leadership, a new vision was formulated and implemented. Petrello saw the enormous potential in the vast reserves of North American shale oil. But until that time, the oil contain within these reserves, such as the Bakken Shale formation of North Dakota, was viewed as being too difficult to extract and not economically viable.

Petrello set out to change that. He began pouring resources into researching and developing the most high-tech and cutting-edge directional drilling equipment that the world has ever seen. Many at the time thought that this was a risky bet. They did not understand the enormous potential that lay just beneath the ground throughout much of North America and Northern Canada in the form of hard oil deposits.

But the plan paid off handsomely. By the mid 2000s, Nabors Industries was the go-to provider for all directional drilling equipment within the United States. This led them to become the premier provider of the technology that was required to extract the shale deposits in a way that made economic sense. With a near-monopoly on directional drilling equipment being provided to the North American drilling operations at land-based sites, Nabors Industries was generating more revenue and more business than it had ever seen in its entire history.

Talk Fusion Wins the Prestigious Communication Solutions Product Award

In 2016, Talk Fusion continued with its remarkable track of records when it was honored Communications Solutions Product of the Year award. The award is given to firms with outstanding products and services that enhance data, voice and video communication, which are new in the market or those that have been improved in the last twelve months. The Talk Fusion fantastic Video Chat platform was exceptional, and judges could not help but nominate it. The award was the second that the company received in the year.

The Talk Fusion communication platform uses WebRTC technology offers Video Chat that allows customers to communicate face to face using tablets, desktops, and tablets. Dubbed as Video Chat app is available on Google play stores and iTunes. Since March 2016 when the full version was released, it has continually revolutionary cross-communication platform. With this great achievement, TMC chose Talk Fusion as the best-suited firm to win the award.

Talk Fusion also introduced Free Trials, its WebRTC Recorder and launched All these products were launched in a period of less than a year. Receiving two awards in the same year meant that Talk Fusion had the best year of all times.

Statement from Talk Fusion

The CEO and president of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina could not hide his excitement receiving the award. In a statement, he said that winning the award meant that they are in line with their mission of offering the best communication solutions in the industry. He also assured their clients that their experienced team of IT experts has great plans for the future. The firm is committed to staying ahead of its competitors through offering the best All-in-One-Video communication solutions. Ryan Page, the chief technical officer, said that winning the award was a confirmation of their innovativeness and creativity in creating exceptional applications.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the leading provider of Video Marketing Solutions. The firm was established in 2007 by the CEO and founder, Bob Reina. The firm is dedicated to helping enterprises beat their competitors, increase profits and sales and maintain their customers. The services offered by Talk Fusion include video emails, live meetings, sign-up form, video chat, and video newsletter.

Darius Fisher’s Newest Achievement Garners Acclaim

Darius Fisher has proven the old adage that hard work bears the fruits of success. He also revealed that coming up with a product or service that meets an important demand can also lead to the achievement of greatness. Fisher honed his skills at marketing and promotions while working in copywriting and political consulting. All of this experience helped him immensely when he went on to co-found Status Labs, the top reputation management firm in the industry.

Success breeds honors and rewards. Industry organizations and publications do like to raise awareness of those professionals who have gone far beyond their peers and competitors and done something special in the industry. Such awards do positively impact the industry. When one entrepreneur sees the honors given to another, the former could be motivated to achieve the same levels of success as the latter. This can lead to a healthy environment for the growing industry.

The award Darius Fisher was given definitely is among the most prestigious and coveted awards for anyone in public relations or marketing professions. The official honor is dubbed the PR World Awards “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. Fisher positively developed his business for maximum gains. Status Labs experienced well over 900% growth in only a three year period. That is a stunning level of growth.

Darius Fisher has taken many steps to enhance and increase the continued growth and success of Status Labs. In addition to drawing in new clients, he has retained top employees thanks to the institution of an overall agreeable work environment.

JustFab CEO Don Ressler Keeps Going

Don Ressler is a serial CEO and entrepreneur. As the founder, he has created multiple successful businesses and brands and he shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, his companies have been valued at excellent rates and his success continues to inspire others in the same industry.

JustFab, one of the companies that Ressler has founded, just reached an impressive valuation of $1 billion. That’s almost unheard of outside of the corners of Silicon Valley. Typically, these companies don’t see growth like that unless they are a piece of software or app. However, Ressler has a keen sense of vision for markets and where they are headed. This allows him to position himself with the advantage and overcome competitors. This vision along with his work ethic and intellectual prowess make him on the best CEOs the world has ever seen.

He consistently builds businesses and is able to attract the right funding for them to work. This is a rare skill set but one he has acquired through his experience as a marketing and business leader. In fact, Ressler built his own company from scratch and now he gets to run an international organization with many companies to his name.

He didn’t always start having Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson as celebrity endorsement for his brands though. Fabletics and JustFab took a while to build, and a lot of startup capital, which totals in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It was with this money he was able to continue the success he sees today. But Ressler had to create his own company first called which he sold. Then, he teamed up his partners and sold his company. This allowed him to see new market opportunities that he capitalized on, such as performance marketing. The idea came to him while he and his team at Alena Media where all brainstorming together. They took two weeks, but finally Ressler realized they needed to create company around beauty and fashion. It began an e-commerce empire that exists today.

When it comes to Don Ressler, one thing is certain: he knows how to run a business. He wants to continue to improve his products and offerings at every opportunity. This is apparent in the fact they have been able to achieve incredible results and grow at an impressive pace. Time will tell, but it looks like this CEO is on top for right now.


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Why Talk Fusion is An Emerging Trend

It’s obvious that the world functions largely on a digital scale which means that Talk Fusion is the innovative company that fits right in. No company is growing faster than a company like Talk Fusion. I was researching companies that were on the horizon of something great, and this was one of the companies that sat at the top of the list.

Talk Fusion is all about emerging trends, and Founder and CEO Bob Reina was smart enough to grab ahold of the latest in technology in 2007 to help you grow your business. With his expertise and innovation, Reina was determined to find a way to empower individuals as well as other entrepreneurs. His passion for helping individuals grow their business drove him to develop a company that would put the technology side of business first.

The basis for the company is the cutting-edge video technology. This was a great thing for me because I knew that video would be a new and welcome addition to everything that I was already doing. As a copywriter, I already know that digital technology will further my business, but Bob was onto something when he took the focus to video. In 2007, Bob started with video email, and in time that grew significantly. The key to growing business is through technology, which means that as new applications continue to emerge, Bob will continue to add more tools and resources to his Talk Fusion offerings.

What do you need to help you propel your business further this year? What technology could you benefit from, that would help you get to the cutting edge for your business? If you are still looking for tools in technology that can help you work smarter, take a look at Talk Fusion first.

The DeVos Family’s Republican Support

The time for a new president is fast approaching. We are now at the epicenter of the presidential campaigns. Various high profile personalities are aligning themselves behind certain candidates. The DeVos family, a rich and powerful clan in west Michigan, has chosen to back the Republican candidate, Marco Rubio. As spokesman for his family, billionaire businessman Dick DeVos recently explained why the family was now backing Rubio. He said they had been backing Florida Governor Jeb Bush until he dropped out of the race.

DeVos added that they intend to do all they can to give Rubio momentum in his campaign. The aid of the immensely wealthy clan will primarily come in the form of significant financial assistance. Their friendship with Rubio did not just start. Dick has been well acquainted with Rubio since his 2006-8 stint in the Florida House of Representatives. It was during that time that the Devos grew very impressed by the leadership of both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Dick DeVos well understands how hard it is to be a politician.

There is mounting pressure for the Ohio Gov. John Kasich to back out of the race, so Rubio will have more of a chance against his opponents. But Kasich is not backing down. In fact, he will soon be running ads that will attempt to explain why he has more of a chance against Clinton than Rubio. In the recent, certain of the DeVos family have given money to Kasich’s campaign. In fact, Dick’s mother Helen gave Kasich, Bush, and Rubio $2, 700 each. Dick says it has not been until very, very recently that Rubio has become the clear favorite among the entire DeVos clan.

DeVos is the heir to the Amway Corporation (Michigan Live feature) and worked with the company throughout his career before he left to begin the Windquest Group. His resume on New Netherland Institute proves his experience in business and philanthropy.

Dick and Betsy started their own foundation that gives regularly to education, community services and many more causes. Dick is proud to be part of an aviation charter school both because of his dedication to education and because of his passion for flight.

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The Story of Coriant

As time moves forward and technology progresses, the industries that rely on technology also must change and adapt, and make a place in the modern era. Companies in the industry such a Coriant know this like many others would.

Coriant is the name of a telecommunications company that got its first start back in 2013. The company, which has its headquarters in both Germany and the United States, was originally under the ownership of Nokia Siemens Networks, which in turn was owned by Marlin Equity Partners. In the spring of 2013, the company made the announcement that it would declare its independence from Nokia and become its own entity. More recently, Marlin Equity partners has decided to form merger between Coriant and Tellabs, another telecom company, and as a result everything will operate under the name of Coriant.

Kheradpir serves as the current CEO of the company, after putting in long hours of work cooperating with vendors within and outside of the company. With him as CEO, Kheradpir now replaces former CEO Pat DiPietro, who now serves as the vice chairman of the company. Kheradpir is a London native who spent a large portion of his younger years living in Iran, but left for the United States to attend Cornell University. While there, he earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering.

His work with the company impressed his employers so much that he eventually found himself being award the position of chief information officer (CIO). In 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged together to form what is now Verizon, where Kheradpir also held the position of CIO. During his time there, he was responsible for creating small teams in the department who would come up with new and innovative ideas for marketing. He was also able to get the information technology budget and number of staff reduced to a significant amount.

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