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Prevention And Body Wellness- Life Line Screening

It is a privately owned prevention and wellness organization n established in 1993. Life Line Screening was created by Timothy Phillip and Colin Scully. The healthcare company has their Head Offices located in Austin, Texas and since the establishment of the firm, it has been responsible for conducting preventive screening for adults across the United States of America.

Since the inception of Life Line Screening, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion, with the firm expanding their services to the United Kingdom which was launched in 2007. In 2012 the medical institution went ahead to deliver their services to Australia but this time using a different name; Screen for Life. Every year the organization has been carrying out over 1 million screening helping individuals prevent conditions as well as diseases.

Life Line Screening has been conducting various screenings as well as test for their customers, some of the tests include, a blood test which screens for diabetes, and inflammation among others. For the tests to be carried out the patient must be prepared. Life Line preparations are not as complicated as in other healthcare facilities. Below are the procedures that a patient must follow as they prepare for the lifeline different screenings.

At the arrival of the facility, one has to carry out a finger stick blood test before any other test.
• Carotid Artery Screening: it is an examination performed to check the blood flow in the neck. The patient is required not to wear a total neck t-shirt instead they should put on a shirt which is open at the collar and is short sleeved.
• Glucose: one is required to go without food for 12 hours before the screening.
• Bone mineral Destiny; the patient is not supposed to wear a pantyhose.
• Peripheral Arterial disease: this check for blood pressure around the ankles, so the patient is required to remove their socks, as well as shoes. The procedure lasts only for ten minutes.
• Elevated Liver Enzymes: for this type of screening the patient does not need any preparations.

During life Line Screening it is also important to know what to wear and what not to wear depending on the type of screening the patient is taking. But it is necessary to ask and follow all the requirements. Life Line Screening has several benefits for the patients, for example, some conditions including cardiovascular issues do not show immediately and with screening the problem can be detected early treated and even prevented to spread. Life Line Screening is advanced in technology to conduct all the required body screening.

Preventive Health Care Made Easy with Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Procedure

The welcome desk is your first stop when arriving at Life Line Screening. You complete a form and if applicable you provide any payment that is necessary.

While in the waiting room further paperwork is done. A technician will call your name when it is time for the appointment. Once your name is called by a technician it is time for the screening room.

In the screening room the appointment will begin by the technician pricking your finger to obtain small samples of blood. The blood is usually taken from an individual’s ring finger and/or middle finger.

At this point an individual’s stature, weight, and physique measurements may be taken before various screenings occur at your appointment.

Then a bone screening will happen. The technician should ask you to remove socks and shoes. Once you are barefoot the technician will put your foot into a machine. This screening provides bone density results.

Then arterial screening will be done by a technician. Cuffs will be placed on the arms and ankles which will allow the amount of pressure in the limbs to be measured. Then the technician will place electrode stickers on the wrist and ankles. The occurrence of an irregular heartbeat will then be tested.

Then abdominal screening will occur. During this screening an individual will be on his or her back. Then a transducer will be used to detect if there is abdominal aorta expansion.

At this point blood test results will be provided. The rest of your results will be mailed within fifteen days. Once you receive you results in the mail they can be provided to your doctor. At this point your health screening appointment is complete.

In conclusion, Life Line Screening provides an amicable and soothing atmosphere from the moment you step inside.

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