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The Career and Philanthropic Accomplishments of Spark Tank’s Marc Sparks

Many successful people draw inspirations from a certain individual’s success story. The story of Marc Sparks has undoubtedly inspired many people in the business world. Whenever someone mentions self-made businessman or serial entrepreneur, the name Marc Sparks comes to the minds of many entrepreneurs.

Marc Sparks beat the odds to become a world-renowned entrepreneur despite his humble beginning in Austin, Texas. After being in business for over 30 years, Marc is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in business.

Besides being a staunch believer of hard work, Marc also believes that successful people should share their wealth and resources with the less fortunate in their societies. He believes that through sharing, we can be able to make a better society by helping others to achieve their goals.

Marc cemented his mentality on sharing and helping other people by publishing his book that outlines his business journey. The book is aimed at providing the readers with insights on how to develop and run successful business enterprises.

Marc believes that everybody has the power to change his or her life and to achieve all the goals he or she sets. He believes that no matter your education and skills background, you can make your life a successful one. Marc Sparks got a mere C+ in high school and is a testament that even with such a grade, you can create and run multi-million companies.

Marc helps other entrepreneurs achieve prosperity through his venture capital firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. He helps startup companies to raise initial capital and to manage their ventures. He also plays a major role in developing short term and long term goals for the companies that his firm invests in.

According to Lulu, Marc Sparks is also known for his philanthropic activities. His deep passion for helping the less fortunate in his community inspired him to start Spark Tank and a housing shelter in Texas, the Samaritan Inn.

Samaritan Inn was founded back in the 80’s. Since then, the home has been caring for the homeless in the Colin County society. They provide housing to over 160 individuals daily, some of whom live in the home for up to five months before moving out.

Marc’s passion for humanity explains his deep involvement in the construction of homes for the less fortunate in Dallas. He is also a huge supporter of the American Can, a program that is aimed at providing at-risk kids with computers to help them get out of the poverty circle and have better lives.

Marc Sparks has also achieved outstanding success through Spark Tank. The project was founded and developed in collaboration with his business partner, Lynne Sipiora. The project’s main aim is to promote social entrepreneurship.