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The Fantastic Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia, on June 15th, 1981. However, she was raised in New York. Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of the fabulous and vivid makeup line, LimeCrime. LimeCrime was created in the fall of 2008, and gives a true sense of color. The very first slogan for LimeCrime was the phrase “it’s so bright, it’s illegal.” LimeCrime is animal cruelty-free, which she is very passionate about.

Doe Deere currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and is a very successful CEO. Doe is a passionate supporter of successful women based businesses and entrepreneurship. Doe often speaks out to other people about finding their voices, and to be expressive not only with your looks but your personality too.

The inspiration for LimeCrime came from the fact that true vivid colors in lipsticks and eyeshadows just weren’t bright enough. Really good pigmented colors are hard to come by these days. Before selling an item on the market, Doe Deere will personally sample the color for herself.

When asked “As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?” She replied with a swift “Trust your gut! There will always be situations where information alone is not enough – use your gut to guide you. I developed my intuition overtime, by testing it on smaller things first. Now it’s practically second nature – I won’t go into a deal unless I have a great gut feeling about it!”

Doe Deere’s personal appearance is highly unforgettable. She is always seen with brightly colored hair, often supporting her own line of makeup. She even had a custom made doll with pretty porcelain colored skin, and bright colors used as the dolls makeup to mimic the effects of LimeCrime. Read more:

The biggest success to Doe Deere was that all of her makeup in the line in completely vegan. This means that the have no animal-derived ingredients. The entire line is certified animal cruelty free by the company Leaping Bunny. Leaping Bunny is said to be “the most stringent certifier in the industry.”

The most challenging tribute that LimeCrime and Doe Deere has had to face was a security breach in 2014. The website was hacked by thieves and a few customers information was stolen. Restoring customer’s trust meant a great deal to the fabulous Doe Deere.

Learn more:

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically


Compliance Officers Jobs get Tougher Right before Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are extremely tough on economy. The reason why they prove to be so difficult for the financial and business sector has to do with the instability that awaits on the horizon. When a new president has the potential to be elected it will naturally impeded the flow of business and finance. The reason being is that most financial and business institutions do not know if a new set of financial policies will be in place. 

Many people are already skeptical about the economy at any given point in time. This sentiment tends to grow worse right before a new president has the chance of taking office. Even if a president is a two term office holder, the market still slows down in anticipation of receiving a new candidate in the position. 

Compliance officers have to be really careful during this time. They know that many companies have a tendency to behave in unethical ways right before an election. CEOs might encourage their workers to do some unethical activities to improve their bottom line. Independent brokers and investment managers might have the desire to shortchange their clients by having them to make bad investments. 

A compliance officer must be proactive months before an election to ensure that brokers are staying on time. 

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer that has been watching companies and businesses very closely right before an election begins. She ensures that workers are not getting frustrated about the downturn in business that their organization is receiving. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is staying compliant with the law and with business standards. Morrison has been involved in the business world for many years and her skills as a compliance officer has helped her to achieve much in this field. 

She has worked for the Securities Exchange Commission and has kept workers in line. She received much praise for her time with the SEC from the Wall Street Journal in this article. She also exposed business and organizations that were committing fraud and corruption with the public. Morrison is now working for Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is prepared for the downturn in the economy before the 2016 election. She is going out of her way to ensure that workers under her management are compliant and on track. More about Morrison and how she deals with her company as a compliance office is available in the article on Project Eve.

To view her full resume, check out Helane on LinkedIn here >>

The Powerful Story of Helane Morrison

The name Helane Morrison is one which most people are unfamiliar with, this is unfortunate as she is a individual whose theater of works deserve a great deal of time in the light. During the 2007 financial collapse, countless voices screamed of a coming economic implosion, one which was not just national, bound by state lines but was international, global. Financial institutions the world over faced total insolvency and quickly turned to their respective governments (and even outside governments) for financial relief – bail outs. Not just that but with the nations of the world faced a existential crisis from massive, all time high unemployment a series of extremely important questions rose from the collapsing infrastructure.

Namely, who to trust and with what? What is the source of one’s nations wealth, is there any physical backing to one’s currency? What will become of one’s investments, nest eggs, savings, retirement funds?

With these questions came great scrutiny as massive amounts of previously well concealed information and with this sudden deluge of hitherto unknown data came the realization of corruption on a enormous scale. This is where Helane Morrison enters the stage; after rising quickly to the attention of various law firms during the 80s, Morrison enters into the law firm of HRNCFR with a specialty of security violations. Not long after that Morrison was contracted by the US government into the office of Securities and Exchange. 

During this position she effortlessly combined her previous experience in journalism and law to prosecute a astounding series of extraordinarily high profile companies involved in series financial fraud. Some of these shocked even the lawyers and experts involved, such as Hewllet Packard, Google, Next Card Inc and even HBO. During her investigation, Morrison and her associates exposed over fifty thousand fake securities saving thousands upon thousands of US citizens their hard earned savings.

Most recently she has won the lauded, Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area and Public sector and so prolific is her staggering career that she’s won MIW Bay Area award three previous times!

Learn more about Helane’s career from her LinkedIn or visit her Bloomberg profile here: