Compliance Officers Jobs get Tougher Right before Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are extremely tough on economy. The reason why they prove to be so difficult for the financial and business sector has to do with the instability that awaits on the horizon. When a new president has the potential to be elected it will naturally impeded the flow of business and finance. The reason being is that most financial and business institutions do not know if a new set of financial policies will be in place. 

Many people are already skeptical about the economy at any given point in time. This sentiment tends to grow worse right before a new president has the chance of taking office. Even if a president is a two term office holder, the market still slows down in anticipation of receiving a new candidate in the position. 

Compliance officers have to be really careful during this time. They know that many companies have a tendency to behave in unethical ways right before an election. CEOs might encourage their workers to do some unethical activities to improve their bottom line. Independent brokers and investment managers might have the desire to shortchange their clients by having them to make bad investments. 

A compliance officer must be proactive months before an election to ensure that brokers are staying on time. 

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer that has been watching companies and businesses very closely right before an election begins. She ensures that workers are not getting frustrated about the downturn in business that their organization is receiving. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is staying compliant with the law and with business standards. Morrison has been involved in the business world for many years and her skills as a compliance officer has helped her to achieve much in this field. 

She has worked for the Securities Exchange Commission and has kept workers in line. She received much praise for her time with the SEC from the Wall Street Journal in this article. She also exposed business and organizations that were committing fraud and corruption with the public. Morrison is now working for Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is prepared for the downturn in the economy before the 2016 election. She is going out of her way to ensure that workers under her management are compliant and on track. More about Morrison and how she deals with her company as a compliance office is available in the article on Project Eve.

To view her full resume, check out Helane on LinkedIn here >>

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  1. I did know that Morrison is now working for Hall Capital Partners LLC. I remembered when he used to work for Donning Hills the I was working for rushmyessay company. That’s a big plus to his career.

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