Goettl, the air conditioning pioneers

Goettl is an air conditioning company in Las Vegas that has been in existence since 1939. Since then, Goettl has evolved into the most trusted company and the pioneer in the air conditioning industry. It was founded by Gust and Adam.

The company developed first as one of its first in Phoenix area to battle with the high temperatures and severe climates of the desert. Goettl designed an evaporative cooler and a refrigerated AC unit to help the residents cope with the conditions.

Goettl was acquired by Ken Goodrich, who is also the President the CEO of the company saw an opportunity in the pain that the residents were forced to endure. At the time of purchase, the business seemed weak, mostly losses riddled with few instances of profits. But Goodrich’s morale and experience came in handy. He has steered the air conditioning and HVAC industry pioneer to the greater heights he never imagined.

Mr. Goodrich changed the focus of the company, from being after making a profit to tirelessly seeking to make their clients happy. To achieve this, Goodrich sought the help of his supportive employees. This saw the Goettl Company grew at over 500 percent through expansion and reporting over $50 million in annual sales.

Though the Goettl Company faces stiff competition, its robust and unique customer-oriented strategy has seen them stay still and efficient. The company also has competent engineers who carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner. This keeps their customers coming back.

Goettl recently acquired Moore Air Conditioning, a company that has been in this business for over five decades. This move has seen the Goettl Company cement their position as the best and can now provide their customers with the most skilled technical support in the industry. (www.prnewswire.com)

Goettl offers the best and quality air conditioning services, full range maintenance, repair and replacement services. It operates in Phoenix, Southern California, Las Vegas and Tucson areas

Top notch Air Conditioning services

Goettl Company employs technology and innovations in their business. This makes them offer affordable services regarding cost and energy consumption. Through their partnerships with important leaders in the industry, they ensure that your installations are conducted properly. They also offer a broad range of AC installations, such as

  • Ductless mini-splits- this is the best option for homes without ducts. With it, you can install blower units in your every room, central thermostats and zoned heating and cool ductless mini split heat pump
  • Heat pumps- is a heating and cooling system combined. It runs in reverse, moving heat in and out of your home
  • Central air conditioners- they stock cheap and efficient cooling systems that won’t stretch your budgets, but guarantees comfort.
  • Thermostats and other appliances- they install smart thermostats, new indoor air quality system and other appliances to keep your home comfortable.

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