Having Trouble with Your E-commer User Experience? Sentient AI Says Hi

The number of e-commerce ideas that fail because of the lack of professional software and UI-optimization is too high. Many business ideas that want to explore the internet to offer products to their target audience end up failing because of a lack of knowledge of how to attract your customers and, once you have their attention, how to keep them in your website or convince them to buy your product, subscription or idea.

Not everyone is born a web developer, and not everyone is willing to put in the days of studying to learn how to code and design your own website, which is completely fine. However, young entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses end up not putting in the work to develop these skills but also don’t put in the money to invest in software that already exists. This can be a big problem.

Interface and marketing software, as well as any application that helps you with the Ecommerce Customer Experience, are of tremendous importance when building your own e-commerce website.

Look at Amazon for example, or Groupon, or even YouTube if you will, which is not necessarily an e-commerce website. All of the aforementioned websites have teams dedicated to improving the user experience. When you buy something at Amazon, or when you simply look at a product, they have thumbnails with products that you might be interested in. 90% of the time, these recommendations are very accurate and related to what you are looking for. To develop a software that can discover, with this much accuracy, what your clients are looking for, would take the average website developer years.

However, there is software available that can do exactly that same thing, for a fair price.

Sentient AI is a company that has been developing programs for e-commerce for years, and they have some of the most well-received and successful programs for user-experience and things like search engine optimization. In the market for artificial intelligence, the Sentient AI is one of the best providers available.

To tackle the recommendation engine and the Ecommerce Customer Experience of your e-commerce website, they have developed the Sentient Aware, which has a customizable layout and allows you to effortlessly apply the Sentient Aware to your website, in a couple of hours, and have it recommending products to your clients based on what they are looking for.

Although this task could take a long time to perform and a large team to perfect, the Sentient AI offers an amazing tool to cover you.

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