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Tony Petrello- Best business executive in the drilling industry

Tony Petrello is a brilliant business executive who currently heads the biggest drilling firm in the world. Nabors Industries is a company that deals with exploration and drilling of oil and natural gas. Tony Petrello is the CEO and the President of Nabors Industries. It provides drilling services in all the corners of the world. Nabors Industries has the best exploration and drilling equipment in the works. They specifically have the best drilling rigs. For the company to become a global leading firm, it has taken a lot of efforts and dedication from the management team that has been at the helm of the firm. Of special note is the current CEO Anthony Petrello. He has played a key role in the transformation of this firm. Since he joined the firm, he has been working closely with the management and the employees to make Nabors Industries the best in the world.

Anthony Petrello brilliance is a trait that he manifested since he was a young person. He was a top student during his school days. He was particularly a mathematics genius who was given a full scholarship to study a degree in mathematics at the Yale University due to his brilliance. From Yale, he holds bachelors and masters in mathematics degrees. He is one of the best mathematicians currently although he is no longer in that profession. His ability to solve problems has been impressive. The urge to be solving problems saw him shift his profession from mathematics’ to law.

Anthony Petrello joined the Harvard School of Law where he did his degree in law. He now holds a Juris Doctor from the institution. He started a career in the legal field thereafter by joining the Baker &McKenzie law firm in New York, he worked in this firm for about four years. He was the managing partner of firm before he left to join Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello is today a distinguished business executive in charge of the biggest oil and drilling firm. He commands huge influence in the field and his opinion is regarded as an authority. Nabors have excelled in offshore drilling operations. The company also leads in the provision of the best offshore drilling rigs. The managerial skills of Anthony Petrello and his ability to solve problems are features that have made him the best in the industry. Nabors Industries is expected to keep expanding its business empire as long as Anthony Petrello is in charge of the drilling firm. Right now they have expanded their operation in the main oil-producing region.

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