The American Institute Of Architects – A Historical Organization For Licensed Professionals

     Roberty Ivy is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA is a dynamic network or professional and licensed members revolving around the architectural world. It consists of over 250 chapters with more than 90,000 members who are architects and design professionals who are committed to enhancing structures and buildings. Robert Ivy is an architect himself, who is working to strengthen the organization by reaching out to the public, promoting government advocacy, and providing educational initiatives that help members serve a wide variety of clients and community members. The historical legacy of the AIA is prosperous and notable with a strong platform for professionals. Ivy has been involved with the AIA since 2011 and continues to transform the profession by providing a proactive approach with remarkable responses. Technology has radically developed throughout the years which has left the organization with a new digital infrastructure and improved decision-making options. Ivy’s latest focus has shifted to the essential resources involved in the consumers. He works to aid in the overall development of architects and their pressing issues such as climate change, sustainability, and the overall contact concerning the design structures related to public health.

The American Institute of Architecture evolved in 1857 when 13 architects decided to get together to promote the scientific and practical integrity of architects throughout the world. Prior to the AIA becoming a recognized organization, architects all over the world could claim that they were capable of performing the job. Now, with the institute set in place, architects must be licensed and capable of completing the job in an efficient manner. This not only protects the client but it also protects the architects.

The group teamed up with 16 other officials to complete the process of bylaws. By March 10, 1857, they had constructed the necessary components to start the worldwide, historical organization. By the 1880s, many cities opted to join and complete the necessary chapters. There are now over 300 chapters affiliated with the AIA.

The AIA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., where they inspect the overall members of the organization along with the code of ethics. Each professional must comply with a certain code of ethics and maintain the highest standards of their professional practice in order to remain in the organization. The membership contains five different types of memberships. There is no category for students, however, they can become members of the AIA if they join certain chapters that have student memberships.

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