There May Be Plenty Of YouTubers’, But There’s Only One Wengie

In recent years, many people around the world have turned their hobbies of making videos into lucrative careers on the video-sharing website YouTube. These people are known as YouTubers, and have achieved celebrity status due to the large numbers of people that regularly view their videos.

By creating channels that are attractive and appealing, YouTubers can also potentially attract advertisers and sponsors. When a YouTuber draws lots of subscribers, along with high quality advertisers and sponsors, he or she can now attain levels of fame that used to only be reserved for television and movie stars.

There are funny YouTubers, such as Jenna Marbles, penguinz0, Ray William Johnson, and Smosh. Each of these personalities offers their own brand of humor, and they all have large numbers of fans and subscribers.

Among the famous YouTubers that are renowned for their musical abilities are Nick Pitera, Walk Off The Earth, Lindsey Stirling, and Pentatonix.

Without a doubt, one of the world’s famous YouTubers would have to be Wengie. This Australian-based blogger hosts a beauty channel on YouTube that regularly draws huge numbers of viewers.

Wengie is an attractive Chinese-Australian woman who creates videos and blogs that feature tutorials on a wide range of mostly beauty-related topics. Although many of Wengie’s videos are instructional in nature, they are also fun to watch and are popular with viewers of all ages. All of Wengie’s videos feature high quality photography and audio, and although they are very informative, they can also be quite funny.

Among the types of topics that Wengie posts videos about are hair tutorials, diet and fitness tips, simple makeup tutorials, morning and nighttime routines, and skincare products. With her genuinely friendly personality, Wengie has a way of making every topic interesting.

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